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The Application of Bimetal Thermostat in Small Household Appliances — Microwave Oven

  Microwave ovens need Snap Action Bimetal Thermostat as overheating safety protection, which will use temperature resistant 150 degrees bakelwood thermostat, and high temperature resistant ceramic thermostat, electrical specifications 125V/250V,10A/16A, require CQC, UL, TUV safety certificate, need a variety of installation schemes suitable for microwave oven structure.


  At present, the microwave oven temperature control mode on the market is mainly divided into mechanical temperature control mode and electronic temperature control. Among them, mechanical control is the most commonly used Bimetal Snap Disc Thermostat, and electronic temperature control using integrated circuit and thermistor control temperature.


  The Bimetal Thermostat for microwave oven is generally installed around the magnetron, and the temperature is generally set between 85℃and 160℃. Depending on the location of the temperature controller, the closer the switch is to the anode of the magnetron, the higher the temperature is. The principle of microwave oven temperature control switch is a kind of temperature controller with bimetallic disc as temperature sensing component. When the electric appliance works normally, the bimetallic disc is in free state, and the contact is in closed state. When the temperature reaches the customer’s use temperature, the bimetal thermostat is heated to produce internal stress and rapid action, pushing the contact sheet, opening the contact, cutting off the circuit, so as to control the temperature. When the electric appliance cools to the set reset temperature, the contact automatically closes and returns to the normal working state. Without a temperature switch, the microwave magnetron is very easily damaged. The general microwave oven uses KSD301 Snap Action Bimetal Thermostat Switch, which is easy to install and fixed, can withstand high temperature, and cheap, you can choose this model as the microwave oven protection device.

Post time: Jan-16-2023