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The Application of Bimetal Thermostat in Small Household Appliances – Rice Cooker

  The bimetal thermostat switch of the rice cooker is fixed in the central position of the heating chassis. By detecting the temperature of the rice cooker, it can control the on-off of the heating chassis, so as to keep the temperature of the inner tank constant in a certain range.

Principle of temperature controller:

  For the mechanical bimetal thermostat, it is mainly made of metal sheet with two expansion coefficients of different materials. When its temperature rises to a certain temperature, it will disconnect the power supply due to expansion deformation. When the temperature decreases, the metal sheet will restore the original state and continue to power on.

  After cooking rice with a rice cooker, enter the insulation process, as time goes by, the temperature of the rice drops, the temperature of the bimetallic sheet thermostat switch decreases, when the temperature of the bimetallic sheet thermostat switch drops to the connecting temperature, the bimetallic sheet restores its original shape, the bimetallic sheet thermostat switch contact is switched on, the heating disk module is energized and heated, the temperature rises, and the temperature of the bimetallic sheet thermostat switch reaches the disconnecting temperature. The bimetal thermostat is disconnected and the temperature drops. The above process is repeated to realize the automatic heat preservation function of the rice cooker (pot).

  The electronic thermostat mainly includes temperature detection sensor and control circuit. The temperature signal detected by the sensor is converted into electrical signal and transmitted to the temperature controller. The temperature controller controls the power supply through calculation to keep the rice cooker at a certain temperature.

Post time: Feb-03-2023