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The Structure and Types of Refrigerator Evaporator

What is a refrigerator evaporator?

  The refrigerator evaporator is another important heat exchange component of the refrigerator refrigeration system. It is a device that outputs cold capacity in the refrigeration device, and it is mainly for “heat absorption”. Refrigerator evaporators are mostly made of copper and aluminum, and there are plate tube type (aluminum) and wire tube type (platinum-nickel steel alloy). Refrigerates quickly.

The function and structure of the refrigerator evaporator

  The refrigeration system of a refrigerator is composed of a compressor, an evaporator, a cooler, and a capillary tube. In the refrigeration system, the size and distribution of the evaporator directly affect the cooling capacity and cooling speed of the refrigerator system. At present, the freezer compartment of the above refrigerator is mostly refrigerated by a multi-heat exchange layer evaporator. The drawer of the freezer compartment is located between the layers of the heat exchange layer of the evaporator. The structure of the evaporator is divided into steel wire coils. There are two structures of tube type and aluminum plate coil type.

Which refrigerator evaporator is good?

 There are five types of evaporators commonly used in refrigerators: finned coil type, aluminum plate blown type, steel wire coil type, and single-ridge finned tube type.

  1. Finned coil evaporator

  The finned coil evaporator is an intercooled evaporator. It is only suitable for indirect refrigerators. The aluminum tube or copper tube with a diameter of 8-12mm is mostly used as the tubular part, and the aluminum sheet (or copper sheet) with a thickness of 0.15-3nun is used as the fin part, and the distance between the fins is 8-12mm. The tubular part of the device is mainly used for the circulation of refrigerant, and the fin part is used to absorb the heat of the refrigerator and freezer. Finned coil evaporators are often chosen because of their high heat transfer coefficient, small footprint, firmness, reliability, and long life.

  2. Aluminum plate blown evaporator

  It uses a printed pipeline between two aluminum plates, and after calendering, the unprinted part is hot-pressed together, and then blown into a bamboo road by high pressure. This evaporator is used in the refrigerating chambers of flash-cut single-door refrigerators, double-door refrigerators, and small-size double-door refrigerators, and is installed on the upper part of the rear wall of the refrigerator in the form of a flat panel.

  3. Tube-plate evaporator

  It is to bend the copper tube or aluminum tube (generally 8mm in diameter) into a certain shape, and bond (or braze) it with the composite aluminum plate. Among them, the copper tube is used for the circulation of the refrigerant; the aluminum plate is used to increase the conduction area. This kind of evaporator is often used as the freezer evaporator and direct cooling of the direct cooling refrigerator-freezer.

Post time: Dec-07-2022