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Good Performance Refrigerator Bi-Metal Defrosting Thermostat 6615JB2003J

Short Description:

Defrosting Thermostat Fuse 6615JB2003J

The slimmest rectangular type snap-action thermostat has unique technology having dual contact devices patented automatically reset at preset temperature. An electrically isolated bimetal disc is used to either open or close the circuit current.

Function: temperature control

MOQ: 1000pcs

Supply Capacity: 300,000pcs/ month

Product Detail

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Product Name Good Performance Refrigerator Bi-Metal Defrosting Thermostat 6615JB2003J
Use Temperature control/Overheat protection
Reset type Automatic
Base material resist heat resin base
Electrical Ratings 15A / 125VAC, 7.5A / 250VAC
Operating Temperature -20°C~150°C
Tolerance +/-5 C for open action(Optional +/-3 C or less)
Protection class IP00
Contact material Silver
Dielectric Strength AC 1500V for 1 minute or AC 1800V for 1 second
Insulation Resistance More than 100MW at DC 500V by Mega Ohm tester
Resistance Between Terminals Less than 100mW
Diameter of bimetal disc 12.8mm(1/2″)
Approvals UL/ TUV/ VDE/ CQC
Terminal type Customized
Cover/Bracket Customized


Typical Applications:
- Automotive seat heaters
- Water heaters
- Electric heaters
- Anti freeze sensors
- Blanket heaters
- Medical applications
- Electrical appliance
- Ice makers
-Defrost heaters
- Refrigerated
-Display cases




• Various terminal and lead wires options
• Standard +/5°C tolerance or optional +/-3°C
• Temperature range -20°C to 150°C
• Very economical applications


• Low profile
• Narrow differential
• Dual contacts for extra reliability
• Automatic reset
• Electrically insulated case


Craft Advantage

Slimmest construction
Dual contacts structure
High reliability for contact resistance
Safety design according to IEC standard
Environmental friendly towards RoHS,REACH
Automatic resettable
Accurate and quick switching snap action
Available horizontal terminal direction

Feature Advantage

Wide variety of installation fixtures and probes are available to suit customer needs.
Small size and fast response.
Long-term stability and reliability
Excellent tolerance and inter changeability
Lead wires can be terminated with customer-specified terminals or connectors


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