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Bimetal Thermostat Switch for Refrigerator Defrost Thermostat Fuse Assembly 2612679

Short Description:

Introduction:Defrosting Thermostat Fuse 2612679

The defrost thermostat differs from the refrigerator thermostat, which is the temperature gauge used to regulate the cooling system of the refrigerator. This device works to measure internal temperatures and prevents the refrigerator from becoming too hot or too cold.

Function:  temperature control


Supply Capacity:     300,000pcs/month

Product Detail

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Product Parameter

Use Temperature control/Overheat protection
Reset type Automatic
Base material Resist heat resin base
Electrical Rating 15A / 125VAC, 10A / 240VAC, 7.5A / 250VAC
Operating Temperature -20°C~150°C
Tolerance +/-5°C for open action(Optional +/-3 C or less)
Protection class IP68
Contact material Double Solid Silver
Dielectric Strength AC 1500V for 1 minute or AC 1800V for 1 second
Insulation Resistance More than 100MΩ at DC 500V by Mega Ohm tester
Resistance Between Terminals Less than 100mW
Diameter of bimetal disc Φ12.8mm(1/2″)
Approvals UL/ TUV/ VDE/ CQC
Terminal type Customized
Cover/Bracket Customized


Refrigerators,Show Case (cold storage, freezing, thermal insulation),Ice Maker, etc

Temperature feature

a) Rated Action Temperature: 0 °C---210 °C (Designed by user's requirements)
b) Open Tolerance: ±2°C, ±3 °C, ±4 °C, ±5°C
c) Open & Close Tolerance: 5 °C -60 °C
d) Close Tolerance: ±2°C, ±3 °C, ±4 °C, ±5°C, ±10 °C
e) Normal Electric Strength: Not Broken within 2000V / 1 minute, No flash.
f) Normal Isolated Resistance: >100M Ω


1.Auto reset with ceramic or plastic body 
2.Electrical Ratings: AC250V /125V,5A/10A/16A 
3.Normally closed or normally open


How do Defrost Thermostats Work?

Defrost thermostats work as part of a process control loop in which the defrost thermostat measures a variable and is set to activate the heating element once the variable reaches a certain point.

There are several potential variables for a defrost thermostat to measure and activate according to:

Time – the defrost thermostat activates at specific time intervals, regardless of the level of frost

Temperature – the defrost thermostat measure the temperature of the evaporator, activating once it reaches a set point to warm and defrost the evaporator

Frost thickness – an infrared sensor is used to measure how much frost built up and activate the heating element once it reaches a certain thickness.

Once the measured variable reaches the specified point, whether it be a time period, temperature or frost thickness, the defrost thermostat shuts down the compressor and, if one is installed, activates the heating element.

The defrost thermostat will have a second setpoint at which to cut off in a similar way to the activation setpoint. This ensures the heating element isn’t running any longer than necessary to bring the refrigerator or freezer back to peak efficiency.


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