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3009900427 Wire Harness Cable with Aluminum Foil Heater for Home Appliance BCD-216W

Short Description:

Introduction:Wire Harness

A wire harness is a wire used to connect two or more components that can transmit current or signals.

Function: keep numerous wires or cables organized


Supply Capacity:     300,000pcs/month

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Parameter

Use Wire harness for refrigerator, freezer, ice machine
After Humid Heat Test Insulation Resistance ≥30MΩ
Wire Customized
Terminal Molex 35745-0210, 35746-0210, 35747-0210
Housing Molex 35150-0610, 35180-0600
Adhesive tape Lead-free tape
Foams 60*T0.8*L170
Test 100% test before delivery
Sample Sample available
Terminal/Housing Type Customized
Wire Customized


It can simplify the assembly process of electronic products, easy to maintain, easy to upgrade, and improve the flexibility of design.

High-speed and digitized signal transmission, integration of various types of signal transmission, miniaturization of product volume, surface-mounted contact termination methods, module combination, and convenient plugging and unplugging.



Used for internal connection of various home appliances, test instruments, equipment, computers and network equipment.


Production process

1.Line cutting

The accuracy of the wire-opening process is directly related to the entire production schedule. Once an error occurs, especially if the wire-opening size is too short, it will lead to rework of all stations, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive and affects production efficiency.

2.Wear a sheath


4.Riveting terminal

Determine the crimping parameters according to the terminal type required by the drawing, and make the crimping operation manual. If there are special requirements, it is necessary to indicate on the process document and train the operator.

5.Assemble the plastic shell

First of all, the pre-assembly process operation manual must be compiled. In order to improve the efficiency of the final assembly, a pre-installation station must be set for complex wiring harnesses. If the pre-assembled part is assembled too little or the wire path of the assembly is unreasonable, it will increase the workload of the general assembly personnel.



According to the assembly platen designed by the product development department, design tooling equipment, material box specifications and dimensions, and paste the numbers of all assembly sheaths and accessories on the material box to improve assembly efficiency.

8.Packaging and storage


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