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Switch Thermal Resettable Temperature Protector Lighting Fixture Bimetal Thermal Protector

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Introduction:CK Series Thermal Protector

Thermal protector belongs to a kind of temperature control device. When the temperature in the line is too high, the thermal protector will be triggered to disconnect the circuit, so as to avoid equipment burnout or even electrical accidents; when the temperature drops to the normal range, The circuit is closed and the normal working state is restored.

Function: thermal protection


Supply Capacity:     300,000pcs/month

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- Electrical rate 16VDC at 20Amps

250VAC, 16A for TCO

250VAC, 1.5A for TBP

- Temperature range : 60℃~165℃ for TCO

60 ℃~150℃ for TBP

- Tolerance : +/- 5℃for open action


The thermal protector protects against overheating&over-current in various motors, transformers, ballasts, battery packs, office electric device, house-using electric device, automotive motors. It is sensitive in action and precision in temperature control.


Principle and Characteristic

The thermal protector is a bimetallic sheet after the fixed temperature as a thermal sensitive element, when the temperature or current rises, the heat generated by the transfer to the bimetallic sheet, the temperature reaches the rated operating temperature, the bimetallic sheet quickly action, so that the contact is disconnected, cut off the power supply, so as to play a protective role. When the temperature drops to the rated reset temperature of the product, the bimetallic sheet quickly returns to the initial state, the contact is closed, the power is switched on, and the cycle is repeated. The thermal protector has the characteristics of large contact capacity, sensitive action and long life.

Thermal Protector -1

Connection Structure

The static contact is welded on the bottom plate, the moving contact is welded on one end of the bimetallic sheet, and the other end is welded on the shell by an iron nail. The moving contact is in close contact with the static contact under the prepressure of the bimetallic sheet, and the bottom plate and the shell are isolated by insulating paper. The current passes through the shell and is connected to the moving contact on the bimetallic sheet, and then connected to the static contact on the bottom plate, forming a loop.

Thermal Protector -2

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  • 办公楼1Our product has passed the CQC,UL,TUV certification and so on, has applied for patents accumulatively more than 32 projects and has obtained scientific research departments above the provincial and ministerial level more than 10 projects. Our company has also passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 system certificated, and national intellectual property system certificated.

    Our research and development and production capacity of the company’s mechanical and electronic temperature controllers have ranked in the forefront of the same industry in the country.7-1

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