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Ksd 301 Series Bimetal Thermal Switch Thermostat Snap Action Temperature Controller

Short Description:

Introduction:KSD301 Bimetal Thermostat

KSD301 series snap-action bimetal thermostat is a kind of miniature hermetically sealed bimetal thermostat (1/211 disc). It is of single-pole single-throw structure and works under resistive load. KSD301 bimetal thermostat is in wide use in a great variety of compact type home appliances with automatic reset or manual reset to provide temperature control or temperature protection.

Function: temperature control


Supply Capacity:     300,000pcs/month

Product Detail

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Product Parameter

Product Name Ksd 301 Series Bimetal Thermal Switch Thermostat Snap Action Temperature Controller
Use Temperature control/Overheat protection
Reset type Automatic
Base material Resist heat resin base
Electrical Rating 15A / 125VAC, 10A / 240VAC, 7.5A / 250VAC
Operating Temperature -20°C~150°C
Tolerance +/-5°C for open action(Optional +/-3 C or less)
Protection class IP00
Contact material Double Solid Silver
Dielectric Strength AC 1500V for 1 minute or AC 1800V for 1 second
Insulation Resistance More than 100MΩ at DC 500V by Mega Ohm tester
Resistance Between Terminals Less than 50MΩ
Diameter of bimetal disc Φ12.8mm(1/2″)
Approvals UL/ TUV/ VDE/ CQC
Terminal type Customized
Cover/Bracket Customized 


-Coffee maker


-Microwave oven


-Portable Refrigerator

-Water dispenser

-Electric pad

-Portable freezer



Method of earth: By means of the metal cup of thermostat connected in the earthing metal part.

The thermostat should work in environment with humidity not higher than 90%, free of caustic, flammable gas and conducting dust.

When the thermostat is used to sense the temperature of solid items, its cover should be clung to the heating part of such items. Meanwhile, heat-conducting silicon grease, or other heat media of similar nature, should be applied to the cover's surface.

If the thermostat is used to sense the temperature of liquids or steam, it is strongly recommended to adopt a version with stain less-steeled cup. Moreover, cautious measures should be taken to prevent liquids getting into/onto the thermostat's insulation parts.

The top of the cup must not be pressed to sink, so as to avoid adverse effect on the thermostat's temperature sensitivity or its other functions.

Liquids must be kept out of the thermostat's inner part! The base must avid any force that could lead to crack; it should be kept clear and away from the pollution of electric substance to prevent insulation weakening that leads to short-circuited damages.

The terminals should be bent, or else, the reliability of electric connection will be influenced.

KSD301 温控器


* Offered in a broad temperature range to cover most heating applications
* Auto and manual reset
* UL® TUV CEC recognized

Product Advantage

Long life, high precision, EMC test resistance, no arcing, small size and stable performance.

KSD301 Bimetal Thermostat

Feature Advantage

Automatic reset temperature control switch: as the temperature increases or decreases, the internal contacts are automatically opened and closed.

Manual reset temperature control switch: When the temperature rises, the contact will automatically open; when the temperature of the controller cools down, the contact must be reset and closed again by manually pressing the button.


Working Principle

When the electrical appliance works normally, the bimetallic sheet is in the free state and the contact is in the closed / open state. When the temperature reaches the operating temperature, the contact is opened / closed, and the circuit is cut / closed, so as to control the temperature. When the electric appliance cools to the reset temperature, the contact will automatically close / open and return to the normal working state.


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