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HB-2 HBTEM Thermal Switch Brass Insert Bi-Metal Thermostat

Short Description:

Introduction:HB2 Bimetal Thermostat

These snap-action thermostat is used for preventing fire and damages caused by overheating in the circuit of electric & electronic products.

Horizontal and Vertical Terminal Available. Customized Wire Connection and Bracket Type Available.

Function: temperature control


Supply Capacity:     300,000pcs/month

Product Detail

Company Advantage

Advantage Compared with the Industry

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Product Parameter

Use Temperature control/Overheat protection
Reset type Automatic
Base material resist heat resin base
Electrical Rating 15A / 125VAC, 7.5A / 250VAC
Max. Operating Temperature 150°C
Min. Operating Temperature -20°C
Tolerance +/-5 C for open action(Optional +/-3 C or less)
Protection class IP00
Contact material Solid silver
Dielectric Strength AC 1500V for 1 minute or AC 1800V for 1 second
InsulationResistance More than 100MW at DC 500V by Mega Ohm tester
Resistance Between Terminals Less than 100mW
Diameter of bimetal disc Φ12.8mm(1/2″)
Approvals UL/ TUV/VDE/CQC
Terminal type Customized
Cover/Bracket Customized

The HB-2 has a wide variety of applications to be used as a safety limit(Hi-limit) or a regulation controller.

 - Small appliances

 - White goods

 - Electric heaters

 - Automotive seat heaters

 - Water heaters



- Bi-metal disc, factory pre-set

 - Switch Actions:Variety of accessories and mounting options

 - Automatic reset: Available with both normally open and normally closed switch logic

 - Manual reset: Mechanically resettable device

 - Compact dimensions, high load capacity

 - High operating speed

 - Current insensitive

HB2 温控器


* Offered in a broad temperature range to cover most heating applications
* Auto and manual reset
* UL® TUV CEC recognized

Product Advantage

Long life, high precision, EMC test resistance, no arcing, small size and stable performance.


Working Principle

When the electrical appliance works normally, the bimetallic sheet is in the free state and the contact is in the closed / open state. When the temperature reaches the operating temperature, the contact is opened / closed, and the circuit is cut / closed, so as to control the temperature. When the electric appliance cools to the reset temperature, the contact will automatically close / open and return to the normal working state.

production process

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  • 办公楼1Our product has passed the CQC,UL,TUV certification and so on, has applied for patents accumulatively more than 32 projects and has obtained scientific research departments above the provincial and ministerial level more than 10 projects. Our company has also passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 system certificated, and national intellectual property system certificated.

    Our research and development and production capacity of the company’s mechanical and electronic temperature controllers have ranked in the forefront of the same industry in the country.7-1

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