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Reed Sensor for Refrigerator Magnetic Controlling Electronic Sensor

Short Description:

Introduction:Reed Sensor

Proximity sensor is a device with the ability to perceive the proximity of objects. It uses the displacement sensor to identify the proximity of objects with sensitive characteristics, and output the corresponding switch signal. Therefore, the proximity sensor is usually called the proximity switch.

Function: temperature sensor


Supply Capacity:     300,000pcs/month

Product Detail

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Product Parameter

Product Name Reed Sensor for Refrigerator Magnetic Controlling Electronic Sensor
Switch Rating max 10W
Switching Voltage max 100V
Contact Resistance max 200mΩ
Breakdown Voltage min 150V
Dielectric Strength >1000MΩ
Pull-in Range 15-20
Drop-out Range 10-15
Life Expectation >10^6
Working Temp -40~85℃
Operate Time max 0.5ms
Release Time max 0.3ms
Capacitance max 0.5pF
Switch Frequency max 400 oper/s



-The refrigerator door

-Automatic door

-Automatic heat blower



- Small size and simple structure

- Light weight

- Low power consumption

- Easy to use

- Low price

- Sensitive action

- Good corrosion resistance

- Long life


Product Advantage


- Non-contact detection to avoid wear;

- No contact output mode or semiconductor output, long service life of the contact;

- Suitable for use in the environment of water and oil, almost unaffected by the stain of the test object, oil and water, etc.;

- High speed response compared with contact switch;

- can correspond to a wide range of temperatures;

- Detects changes in the physical properties of the detected object, regardless of the color of the detected object.



- Different from the contact type, it is affected by the surrounding temperature, surrounding objects, and similar sensors. Therefore, mutual interference needs to be considered for sensor setup.

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