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Reed Switch Magnetic Controlling Reed Proximity Sensor 890198238

Short Description:

Introduction:Reed Sensor

The magnetic switch is the magnetic switch intrusion detector. It is composed of permanent magnet and reed pipe. Reed pipe, also known as tongue reed pipe, is constructed by enclosing two or more metal reeds in a sealed glass tube filled with inert gas.

Function: proximity sensor


Supply Capacity:     300,000pcs/month

Product Detail

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Product Parameter

Maximum Switching Voltage 100 V dc
Maximum Switching Load 24V dc 0.5A;10W
Contact Resistance < 600 mΩ
Insulation Resistance ≥100MΩ/DC500V
Insulation Pressure AC1800V/S/5mA
Action Distance ON ≥30mm
Certification RoSH REACH
The magnetic beam density of the magnet surface 480±15%mT (room temperature)
Housing Material ABS
Power Non powered rectangular sensor



- Position and limit switching

- Security

- Linear actuators

- Door switch



- Small size and simple structure

- Light weight

- Low power consumption

- Easy to use

- Low price

- Sensitive action

- Good corrosion resistance

- Long life


Product Advantage

- Detection is performed in a non-contact manner, without abrasion and damage to the detection object;

- It adopts non-contact output mode (except magnetic type), which has a long service life;

- The use of semiconductor output has no effect on the life of the contact;

- Unlike the light detection method, it is suitable for use in environments such as water and oil. It is almost not affected by the stains, oil, water, etc. of the detection object during detection;

- High-speed response compared to contact switches;

- Can correspond to a wide temperature range;

- Detects changes in physical properties of the detection object without being affected by the color of the detection object, so it is hardly affected by the surface color, etc.

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