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Customized Harness Wire Auto Electrical Wiring Harness Cable Assembly for Home Appliance

Short Description:

Wire Harness

Set up a communication bridge between two or more isolated and disconnected electronic circuits, so as to make current flow and realize various functions of various electronic components. It is an indispensable part of various electrical appliances and electronic equipment.

Function: keep numerous wires or cables organized

MOQ: 1000pcs

Supply Capacity: 300,000pcs/month

Product Detail

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Product Name Customized Harness Wire Auto Electrical Wiring
Harness Cable Assembly for Home Appliance
Use Wire harness for refrigerator, freezer, ice machine
After Humid Heat Test Insulation Resistance ≥30MΩ
Terminal Molex 35745-0210, 35746-0210, 35747-0210
Housing Molex 35150-0610, 35180-0600
Adhesive tape Lead-free tape
Foams 60*T0.8*L170
Test 100% test before delivery
Sample Sample available
Terminal/Housing Type Customized
Wire Customized


Typical Applications:

- Refrigerator
- Freezer
- Ice Machine
- Electrical Stove
- Washing Machine


Why Are Wire Harnesses Assembled Manually?

Wire harness assembly process is one of the few remaining manufacturing processes that is more efficiently done by hand, rather than automation. This is due to the variety of processes that are involved in the assembly. These manual processes include:

Installing terminated wires in various lengths

Routing wires and cables through sleeves and conduits

Taping breakouts

Conducting multiple crimps

Binding the components with tape, clamps or cable ties

Because of the difficulty involved in automating these processes, manual production continues to be more cost-effective, especially with small batch sizes. This is also why harness production takes longer than other types of cable assemblies. Production can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. The more complicated the design, the longer production time is required.


However, there are certain portions of pre-production that can benefit from automation. These include:

Using an automated machine to cut and strip the ends of individual wires

Crimping terminals on one or both sides of the wire

Plugging wires pre-fitted with terminals into connector housings

Soldering wire ends

Twisting wires


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