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Customized OEM Wire Harness Assembly for Refrigerator/Fridge Parts

Short Description:

Introduction:Wire Harness

The wiring harness is a wiring component that connects various electrical equipment in a circuit, and is composed of an insulating sheath, a wiring terminal, a wire, and an insulating wrapping material.

Function: keep numerous wires or cables organized


Supply Capacity:     300,000pcs/month

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Parameter

Use Wire harness for refrigerator, freezer, ice machine
After Humid Heat Test Insulation Resistance ≥30MΩ
Terminal Molex 35745-0210, 35746-0210, 35747-0210
Housing Molex 35150-0610, 35180-0600
Adhesive tape Lead-free tape
Foams 60*T0.8*L170
Test 100% test before delivery
Sample Sample available
Terminal/Housing Type Customized
Wire Customized


Spas, Washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, and other household appliances

Consumer and commercial electronics

Automotive equipment

Commercial and industrial machinery

Medical equipment and electronic devices


How the Custom Wire Harness Assembly Process Works

The wire harness assemblys we create here at Meridian are engineered to fit perfectly within their intended environment. That means making sure the design fits geometrically and within the specifications required of the system. Whether it’s for an industrial control system in a busy bottling facility or the OEM wire harnesses required in the automotive sector, the idea of “fit” is crucial in wire harness design. 


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